Gorkhaland Bill 2000

Private Member's Bill in the Parliament
In 2000, the then CPI(M) Rajya Sabha member Tamang Dawa Lama, who joined the CPRM, sponsored a private member's Gorkhaland Bill 2000 to be placed in the Parliament. After the President withheld his recommendation on the bill, the bill could not be introduced in the Parliament. The following excerpt describes the status of the bill:

Recommendation of President 
In a case where a Bill sponsored by a private member requires the recommendation of the President, for introduction under articles 3 and 274(1) or for consideration under article 117(3) of the Constitution, the member concerned has to apply to the President through the concerned Minister for such recommendation. When a request is received by the Secretariat from the member for obtaining the recommendation of the President, the letter of the member is forwarded to the Ministry concerned for necessary action. The Minister concerned communicates the orders of the President to the member under intimation to the Secretariat. When intimation regarding President's order is received by the Secretariat through the Minister concerned, it is communicated to the member and published in the Bulletin. In case the President withholds his recommendation for introduction, the Bill cannot be introduced and if he withholds the recommendation under article 117(3) for the consideration, the House cannot consider the Bill. Where the order of the President is not communicated, the consideration of the Bill is postponed till the receipt of the recommendation. 
In case of a Bill for which the recommendation of the President has been withheld for introduction, the Bill is not proceeded with and in case of a Bill for consideration, the earlier practice was to remove the Bill from the register of pending Bills. The current practice, however, is that such a Bill is excluded from the draw of lot because after the recommendation is withheld, the Bill is virtually killed as the House cannot consider it. 
The President's recommendations for introduction of the State of Telangana Bill, 2010, the State of Delhi Bill, 2006, the State of Vidarbha Bill, 2000 and the State of Gorkhaland Bill, 2000 proposed to be introduced by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal, Shri Vijay J. Darda and Shri Dawa Lama, respectively were withheld by the President.